A message from the NDDC

Dear Friends of Downtown Northfield,

On behalf of the Northfield Downtown Development Corporation’s board of directors, I hope you and your families are as well as could be hoped in these unprecedented and challenging times.  In light of the city, state, and nation’s response to COVID-19, I wanted to share a few additional updates regarding the NDDC’s work in the short-term:

NDDC Annual Meeting postponed

Earlier this month we mailed postcard invitations to the NDDC Annual Meeting, originally scheduled for March 31.  It comes as no surprise now, but the meeting has indeed been postponed and we look forward to the time when it is safe and appropriate for us to gather together.  We have great information to share about the work we are doing as a Minnesota Main Street community and the opportunities for all of us on the horizon.

Taste Tour postponed

The Downtown Northfield Taste Tour is a popular and anticipated event that generally takes place every June. Given the uncertainty of when community-based events will be viable again, we are planning on postponing the event to a date later in the summer. We know that bringing the community together in our beautiful downtown to celebrate our resiliency and support our local businesses will be necessary and valuable. We want to work with our downtown businesses and stakeholders to determine the best approach to this annual event to have the greatest impact possible after we make it through these uncertain times.

Artists on Main Street on hold

We are similarly waiting to announce any further information regarding our second year of the Artists on Main Street program, a grant NDDC received to pursue “creative placemaking” projects that will benefit the downtown.  Hopefully the next few weeks will bring more clarity regarding the spread of the virus and our ability to pursue community-based projects.

Stay up to date on downtown news and NDDC initiatives

The easiest way to stay informed of NDDC happenings is to follow us on Facebook (@downtownnorthfield) and sign up for our e-newsletter at www.nddc.org.  We will continue to share relevant updates and community resources that are available through our partners at the City of Northfield and Northfield Area Chamber of Commerce.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the NDDC’s founding, and now more than ever our commitment to a vibrant and vital downtown Northfield remains at the heart of everything we do. As we move through the challenging months ahead, we hope to stay connected with you and look forward to the time when we can all gather in downtown and celebrate and recognize the resolve of this great city.  If there is anything we can do to help you in the meantime, please do let us know.


Greg Siems

Executive Director


City advisory on downtown parking and curbside/takeout options

The City of Northfield is encouraging downtown businesses to advertise their curbside/takeout options with sidewalk signs AND for residents/visitors to avoid parking for extended periods of time in front of those locations to keep them accessible. See their original memo below for more details.

Thank you for continuing to support local businesses as much as possible!

DATE: March 25, 2020

TO: Downtown Northfield Businesses, Residents

FROM: Northfield Police Department and Community Development Department

Maintaining access to businesses for customers who are picking up merchandise or take-out food items is especially critical during this time of social and economic disruption. To assist our businesses, we encourage all employees and residents to avoid parking in front of businesses to leave those spaces available to customers.

We encourage businesses to draw customer attention during their open hours by using sandwich/sign boards placed near the curb on the sidewalk, in front of the business. These sandwich/sign boards could also serve the purpose of identifying where businesses are trying to draw their customers to for take-out/pick-up. All sandwich boards must be placed on the sidewalk near the curb, and in compliance with ADA policies. Do not place signs where the mobility of pedestrians would be impaired.


Sandwich boards may only be used when businesses are operating/open.

Business owners/employees should not park in 2 hour or 20 minute parking spaces; these parking restrictions will be enforced to keep customer parking available. Thank you.

UPDATE: NDDC annual meeting postponed

Following the recommendations of federal/state health authorities, the NDDC’s annual meeting originally scheduled for 3/31 has been postponed. Stay tuned for further updates and announcements later on this year.

It’s wonderful to see our community already coming together to support one another and our local businesses. We wish all the best to our friends and family in Northfield and beyond in these uncertain times.

Stay safe and wash your hands!