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Currier Resigns as Executive Director of NDDC

Long-time Northfield Downtown Development Corp. Executive Director Ross Currier has resigned.  Currier has accepted the position of Community Development Program Officer at the Minnesota Housing Partnership. Currier has served as the NDDC’s Executive Director since July of 2003.  During that period the organization strengthened its commitment to the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Main Street [...]

Annual Bridge Chamber Music Festival in Northfield, MN

It’s the annual Bridge Chamber Music Festival.  For almost two decades, this low-profile concert series has been presenting distinct talent ranging from young artists to internationally known chamber musicians.  In recent years, the Festival has also been presenting regionally and nationally recognized jazz musicians.  This year’s concerts once again bring a number of great artists [...]

Outlaw Run Rumbles Out of Downtown Northfield, MN

Yup, Northfield is increasingly, nationally known for its quirky events, diverse recreation, historic downtown, and surrounding scenery.  It’s all part of the annual Outlaw Run.  Folks come from around the region on their iron horses to explore southern Minnesota, retracing the trail of the notorious James-Younger Gang, on a 120-mile scenic cruise.  Register at the [...]

Just Another Weekend in Music City, MN

Bonnie & the Clydes, Joe Carey, Beautyofmyland, The Russ & Kris Project, The Basements, Fred the Bear, and The Counterfactuals.  Yeah, just another weekend in Music City, Minnesota.  Oh, there’s an opening reception for an art exhibit, a couple of screenings at a film festival, and the Farmers Market and the Market Fair.  Yeah, just [...]

Working Together for a Vibrant a Vital Downtown Northfield, MN

Downtown is where the community gathers to celebrate, honor, share, protest, and people-watch, and to nurture the plants, dance to the music, and chat with old, and new, friends. Downtown is also the historic business district, home of 72% of Northfield’s businesses, location of many of our notable business start-ups, and a powerful asset that [...]