Monthly Archives: December 2005

The Kernel of an Idea

The concern about the coming “quieter times” in downtown after the holidays and the desire to create somewhat regular and predictable “happenings” in the district (as in “there’s always something happening downtown”) has made me think of the wonderful collaboration between The Art Store, River City Books, The Contented Cow and ArtOrg for the release [...]

Selling Canterbury by the Sound

Canterbury is a historic cathedral town in southeast England. As the starting point for Chaucer’s fictional pilgrimage, true site of Roman mosaics and allegedly the site of many a ghost, the town has a thriving tourist industry. In recent years, however, the community has sought to attract a different and younger crowd and their promotional [...]

The Importance of Public Infrastructure to Downtown Vitality

Back in 2000, when the NDDC was started by Northfield residents Bardwell Smith, Keith Covey, Brett Reese and Jim Braucher (assisted by Dave Lyon), a number of downtown models from around the country were researched and evaluated. The one that has most consistently provided guidance for the organization is the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s [...]

Council Approves “The Plan”

The city council voted unanimously to endorse “The Plan”, staff’s recommendations to spend this year’s TIF money dedicated to downtown improvements. In 2006, $305,000 will be spent on actual projects, with $78,500 being used for programs, plans and studies (at least according to an article in the December 17th Northfield News). The spending in this [...]

Suburban Parking Requirements Threaten Character of Downtown

l OR In less than a week, two sudden changes in plans have undermined years of community process. Of even greater concern, these design changes signal a break with one hundred and fifty years of architectural tradition in Northfield. The first change came at last Thursday night’s Public Input Session on the Q Block. It [...]