Emerging Artists to Exhibit

GalleryDeBagelBros.jpgMore news on what’s happening at 306 Division Street, the art gallery formerly known as Bagel Brothers. Selected works of Northfield High School artists will be on display for the Art Crawl.

Pictured here are Christie Clarke (foreground) of the Northfield Public Schools and Wendy Nordquist (background) of Carleton College, hanging the show. How’s this for a quick bit of community-college collaboration?

Our emerging artists will show their work in this emerging space, including the popular Peace Garden from Arts a la Carte. Just another reason to check out the Art Crawl, tonight, throughout Northfield, from 6 to 9 pm.

Beatniks Return

beatnik_eyes.jpgIn case you didn’t know, this is national poetry month. In recognition of this important acknowledgement of a classic art form, River City Books is sponsoring an open-mic poetry night at the Contented Cow. Interested artists are advised to “bring your own poem or someone else’s, read it interpretively, deadpan or just come and listen”. The event starts at 9 pm.

While you’re whiling away the hours waiting for the poetry, come on down(town). It’s Third Thursday, which means that stores are open late and many are offering special deals. There’ll certainly be good gatherings Downtown as your friends and neighbors will all be there.

One place to be sure to check out is Oolala. The new owner, Jessica Prill, is having a celebration from 4 to 9 pm. Perfect possibilities for personal products and poetry poseurs!

Guerilla Gallery?

GuerillaGallery.jpgThis might appear to be a couple of down-on-their-luck graffitti taggers. Unable to afford spray paint, they’ve been reduced to using tape to mark their territory.

However, I happen to know these ladies; they’re actually school teachers, so maybe they’re making some kind of political statement through a performance of agitprop.

Deciphering the message, it seems clear that art is involved…so it probably has something to do with Art Crawl.

digs is big news

digsisnews.jpgThe May 2007 issue of Country Living (a magazine that I, of course, read all the time) has a familiar face featured. On page 100, in an article called “Let’s Shop: Vintage Notions”. It lists nine “unique shops” that specialize in “old-school buttons, fabulous ribbons, antique millinery trim, and much more”.

Number one on the list is our own DIGS. Smiling out from page 100 is Linda Schneewind, owner (along with her husband Eric Hope) of the store in Northfield, “a small college town located about an hour south of Minneapolis”. According to the article, the store stocks “new, reproduction, and vintage fabrics, yarn, and notions, as well as letterpress stationary and home care products”, along with their custom furniture and upholstery.

The article illustrates something that many of us already know. You can buy just about anything you need in Northfield…and it’s better than what you can get most anywhere else.

Art Crawl Friday Night, April 20

art_crawl_tn.pngYou’re either on the bus or you’re off the bus.

That’s the bus driven by Arts, Recreation and Culture Volunteer Bart DeMalignon. He’s giving rides to art patrons between the Downtown and the college campuses.

This Friday night, April 20th, it’s the Northfield Art Crawl. It’s from 6 to 9 pm and there are a total of 12 galleries open to the public.

  • At the Northfield Arts Guild (304 Division Street) it’s mixed media sculptures by Todd Shanafelt and watercolors by Lynne Baur.
  • At ArtOrg (200 Division Street), it’s “Hot Glass” by the membership.
  • At Grezzo Gallery (16 Bridge Square) it’s pictoral works by Jay Allen Hansen.
  • At Swag (423 Division Street) it cast-bronze sculpture by Jeff Barber.
  • At Circa (17 Bridge Square) it’s wood block prints and intaglio by Marvin Hill and Jan Fleck.
  • At Just Food (516 Water Street South) it’s a diverse collection of meda by the membership.
  • At The Key (303 South Water Street) it’s a variety of pieces by the membership.
  • At Gallery de Bagel Bros (306 Division Street) it’s selected works from the Northfield Public Schools.

There’s a couple of shows each at both college campuses too but I’m late for a meeting.

For more information, check out the Art Crawl Flyer.