They Brought Their Bikes

BringYerBikeDay.jpgThe weather cooperated. The early morning grey skies receded and the sun broke through over Bridge Square in a show of support for Bring Your Bike to Work Day.

At about 7:30 this morning, the bicyclists were coming and going to and from a table offering literature and sustenance in the heart of our community. Staffed by volunteers from RENew Northfield, the hospitality station was a lively stop for downtown commuters.

Although both the benefits and challenges of biking around Northfield are numerous and significant, the feeling of the impromptu gathering was celebratory. As Britney and Paris would no doubt tell us, it’s all about the camraderie.

More Bike Racks on the Way?

NeedMoBikeRacks.jpgThis was the scene in front of the Community Resource Bank’s downtown branch at about 7:30 am this morning. Clearly this bike rack is a well-used resource.

The NDDC has been a long-time proponent of bike racks. This scene makes clear that we could use some more. In fact, Jessica Prill, new owner of Oolala, the building pictured in the background, has requested two in front of her store.

The Mayor’s Task Force on Streetscape Design meets next week. Hopefully we’ll get a few more bike racks ordered and installed this summer in Downtown Northfield.

Britney Spears, Paris Hilton – Nude on Tandem Bicycle

tandem.jpgThis week is Bike to Work Week and this Friday (May 18th) is Bike to Work Day.

In Minnesota, the focus is on safety, in Park Rapids, the focus is on multi-generational riders, for Britney and Paris, its about avoiding DUIs and flogging flagging careers.

But who cares about all of them, this is Northfield and here it’s about enjoying healthy recreation, saving gas money, respecting the environment and celebrating our sense of place. Bill Ostrem has just sent me an e-mail saying that RENew Northfield will be providing coffee and bagels on Bridge Square (in Downtown Northfield) from 6:30 to 8:00 am, so I guess it’s about coffee with friends too.

So, dust off the seat, pump up the tires, stretch out your muscles and…

…ride your bike to work this Friday.

Benefit Dinner in Downtown Northfield

ARCinDarfur.jpgAt 6 pm, Bereket Haileab and Friewinne Kaleab will provide an Eritrean dinner at Chapati, to benefit the American Refugee Committee. Thanks to the generosity of the the hosts, the owners of Chapati and a number of other volunteers, all proceeds will go to the charity.

Tickets are still available and can be purchased today at the Contented Cow and Chapati when the doors open at 6 pm.

For more information, see Griff Wigley’s blog entry on Griff also noted that the American Refugee Committee was recognized as the best charity in his blog entry on Locally Grown. Help support their work by enjoying a traditional East African Dinner.

Mayor Strips for Economic Vitality

MayorStrips.jpgWhere’s the Wall Street Journal when there’s an innovative initiative to be covered?

Perhaps that’s part of this whole citizen journalism thing…when you want something done right, sometimes you’ve got to do it yourself.

Northfield, Minnesota – Mayor Lee Lansing peeled off his coat, shook his booty, and stunned the 400 women in the audience with his magnificent moves, displaying a surprising proficiency in his performance, as well as his characteristic self-confidence, in a fearless effort to stimulate retail sales.

That’s the Mayor on the left, wearing a hat he borrowed from his Uncle Sam, after flinging his jacket to a group of shrieking women. Elvis may have left the building but the Mayor is clearly in the house. I have no idea as to the identity of that guy in the tattered shorts on the right. I do know that the vest he’s wearing was purchased at Larson’s Fabric Printing during Crazy Daze.

Maybe you had to be there…in fact, if you weren’t, you should have been. Women are still talking about it this morning on the sidewalks and in the shops of downtown, Northfield.

To see a gallery of photos, and a taste of all the fun, go to Locally Grown.