Monthly Archives: June 2007

RSS Task Force Meets with EDA and Council

At the request of its members, the Retail Support Strategies Task Force hosted members of the Economic Development Authority at a meeting this morning. It turned into an even bigger event, with members of the City Council as well as of the boards of both the Chamber of Commerce and the NDDC attending. Don’t let [...]

Attention Bohemians!

There’s a number of exciting cultural opportunities in downtown Northfield this weekend. Friday, The Contented Cow hosts James Leider with his acoustic funk, folk and bluegrass, and the Tavern Lounge offers live music with Just Us. Saturday, the jazz duo of Debbie Bigelow and Dean Kleven will be at The Contented Cow and the Norwegian [...]

Brilliant Branding Idea

Isn’t it just amazing that now and then Northfielders can come up with an exciting new concept without spending tens of thousands of dollars on an out-of-town consultant? The latest example of local genius, at least in my far-from-humble opinion, is Ann Marie Boyle, owner of The Art Store. Although Ann Marie certainly shows much [...]

RSS Task Force Meets with City Administrator

The NDDC and Chamber created Retail Support Strategies Task Force met with Northfield City Administrator Al Roder this morning. The purpose of the meeting was discuss the needs of businesses and obstacles to economic development identified by the group over the past few months. We had a very open and honest discussion of these topics, [...]

Bountiful Harvest at Farmers’ Market

There’s already a bountiful harvest of locally-grown produce and locally-crafted products at Northfield’s Farmers’ Market. I picked up a half-dozen of different fresh vegetables today and I’m looking forward to enjoying them tonight. Northfield’s market is open Tuesdays and Fridays at 11:45 am and Saturdays at 9 am. It’s located at Riverside Park (with its [...]