Monthly Archives: June 2011

NDDC Board Visits ECO Gardens

NDDC Board Members visited with Howie and Jeni Holt of eco gardens recently and got the full tour.  It’s really amazing what they’ve done with the old Tires Plus site. As part of the founding family of Mother Earth Gardens in South Minneapolis, they have over a decade of experience in the business.  They sold [...]

Templeton Returns to Downtown Northfield

One of the bands that was introduced to a wider audience at the Taste of Northfield (and elicited a very positive response) was Templeton.  They’re coming back down(town) and playing music this Friday night.

NDDC Board Visits Tea Creations

Members of the NDDC Board visited with Daniel Xiong at Tea Creations.  It was a cool and refreshing break in our morning. Tea Creations just celebrated their one-year anniversary in Northfield.  Daniel told us that he and his wife were attracted to Northfield by the historic buildings, the beautiful setting, the people on the street [...]

Enjoy JuneBug Festival of Music this Weekend

Have I mentioned that I once bought a t-shirt from Bob Jacobsen that proclaims “Northfield Music City Minnesota”?  Well, although  we make a strong argument (pound for pound) every week, the annual JuneBug Festival of Music offers an extra-compelling case. Thursday, June 23rd: Junebug Festival of Music: Sweet Jazz, 5:00 to 7:00 p.m., Counterfactuals, 8:00 [...]

A Big Thanks to Our Taste Sponsors

Today (Friday, June 17th) is the second day of the 6th Annual Taste of Northfield.  Although there are still loads of food and fun to be enjoyed in historic, scenic, authentic Downtown, Northfield, MN…we’d like to take a moment and thank the organizations that make the event possible. Our Cornerstone Sponsors this year are Archer [...]