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Music City + Cannon River = Cannon River Roots Festival

We’ve been saying it for years, there’s live music every night in downtown Northfield, MN.  Some of us think that’s a very big deal.  We keep trying to tell the world about it.  The Northfield Arts Guild is going to say it loud and proud this Saturday with the Cannon River Roots Festival…in Bridge Square.

Arts Guild Produces a New Music Festival for Northfield

The Northfield Arts Guild, a local non-profit serving the community since 1959, has produced a new festival.  The Cannon River Roots Music Festival premieres Saturday, July 26th, in Bridge Square, the heart of Northfield.

Weekend Forecast for Downtown Northfield, MN…

The weekend forecast for downtown Northfield, MN is warmer and drier, with plenty of music.  It’s not MayFly or JuneBug, but with all the music at the Cow, it must be JulyBeetle.  Thea Ennen & Dave Ja Vue, The Zillionaires, Ageless, Optimum Trajectory, Nigel Egg, and the Lone Wolf One Man Band…down by the river.

Clearly The Coolest Event This Weekend…in Downtown Northfield, MN

It’s KeyFest 2014.  Featuring musical performances by Theo Hofrenning, Cliff Martin & Helen Forsythe, Charley Markson and The Cutters, Jordan Taylor, George Zuccolotto, Kathryn Casulla, and Mariah Shannon, folk singalong featuring members of the Key Music Club, readings by members of the Key Writer’s Workshop, a performance by the Lost Boys Crew breakdance group, hot [...]

Celebrate History This Weekend in Downtown Northfield, MN

This year’s Northfield History Month has come to an end, and what’s a more dramatic climax than one that features fireworks.  This year’s display will be launched from the Northfield Middle School at dusk.  Northfield has the rolling hills of a river town, so find some high ground with a view.  But first, it’s Vintage [...]